Jo Huey

21 Questions for Shelby "Jo" Huey 

    1. What’s your preferred name? Jo
    2. Where do you call home? Linn Creek, Missouri
    3. How long have you been at BYUH? One year (three semesters)
    4. Did you serve an LDS mission? I am currently preparing to serve in the Singapore Mission, reporting December 7 (2016) to the Provo MTC.
    5. What’s your major? What instrument(s) do you play? My major is General Music with an emphasis in piano, which is my main instrument. I also sing Alto II and played cello and flute in high school ensembles.
    6. Why did you decide to study music at BYUH?  I decided to attend BYUH because of my desire to experience diverse cultures and gain a wider world perspective. Originally I wasn't sure I wanted to study music, but I attended a piano camp the summer before coming to the university which allowed me to see music as more than a hobby and inspired in me the desire to study more intensely.
    7. What do you do when you’re not studying or practicing? I found wonderful friends at BYUH with whom I love going to the beach, hiking, playing card games, and cooking. They were my Hawaiian family, and we even had FHE and Sunday dinners together.
    8. Name one thing that’s unique about you. I have been teaching piano since I was twelve.
    9. Name one thing you’re proud of accomplishing at BYUH. A big first for me at BYUH was learning an entire sonata. I had learned individual movements from sonatas before, but hadn't committed and completed one.
    10. Who are your musical heroes? There are many brilliant, awe-inspiring musicians throughout history to name, but my personal musical hero has to be my mother. She succeeded in making music a beautiful part of our family life, more than just another extracurricular activity, and to her I am forever grateful.
    11. Name three songs on your playlist. "Mama," My Chemical Romance; "Prelude in G#," Rhoda Vaun Young; "At the End of the Day," Les Miserables.
    12. Name a favorite food you’ve discovered at BYUH. Açai bowls
    13. In which ensembles have you participated? Concert Choir
    14. How long do you practice every day?  2-3 hours
    15. Do you surf? I have only surfed a few times, and I'm definitely a beginner.
    16. Do you have a job? If so, what is it? I work as a stagehand at the McKay Auditorium.
    17. What inspires you? I am most inspired by my peers. I have had the opportunity to be surrounded by many incredibly talented people of my own age, and they help me realize that if they can do it, so can I.
    18. What are the best things about studying music at BYUH? I love the amount of personal attention you can get from the instructors due to the small class sizes and the way that the professors care about their students. It is also incredibly fun to work alongside the other musicians at BYUH.
    19. What surprised you about BYUH? I was surprised at how diverse the interests of my fellow students were. I knew that there would be people studying all sorts of things, but the interesting bit was how much those interests crossed over into subjects that weren't a person's specific major. I could have fascinating conversations about nearly any topic with someone who's major also had nothing to do with the discussion.
    20. What are your plans after graduating? I just completed my associate's degree and will be serving a mission, leaving next month. After my mission I plan to finish my bachelor's degree and then I hope to start my own piano studio and teach.
    21. What advice would you give to entering freshman music majors at BYUH? One of the most important things is to organize your time well. Make yourself a practice and study schedule, and then stick to it. But also plan in time for fun and relaxation. There is plenty of time to have a well balanced life as long as you look ahead to what you'll need to have done. 

  Date: 11/16/2016